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Toutle River Near-Drowning Update

Posted on 2nd July 2014 at 16:08

Additional details are slowly coming in on the near-drowning that reportedly happened yesterday evening on the Toutle River. It’s now being reported that actually three victims in the incident, two young girls and their father. The family reportedly showed up at the Cowlitz Fire District 3 station in Toutle at about 7:35 pm; firefighters learned that the girls had been playing in the water, and got into some trouble. The 46 year-old father went in and was eventually able to rescue both girls, but ended up in distress himself. Family members say that the man was purple and unresponsive went he was pulled from the water. Firefighters arranged for LifeFlight to meet their ambulance at exit 46 on I-5, while the girls were transported by ambulance. Names and conditions have yet to be updated.