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Toutle Sediment Plan–

Posted on 29th March 2010 at 07:53

The Army Corps of Engineers is out with a proposed plan for dealing with sediment coming from the Toutle River, announcing a pilot project that’s planned in the north fork of the Toutle River, above the current Sediment Retention Structure. Last week, the Corps issued a joint Public Notice with the Department of Ecology, proposing to implement a pilot project with “Grade Building Structures” as part of the plan to control sediment coming down the river. The GBS are better known as pile dikes, and a series of them would be built in an area where Pullen Creek meets the North Fork of the Toutle. The plan is that the dikes would slow the river, causing the sediment to fall out in that area, before it gets to the SRS and then downstream. This is one of several measures that are under consideration for dealing with the sediment coming down the river. Public comment on this pilot project is being taken through April 21st.