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Train Restoration

Posted on 18th December 2013 at 17:00

It’s being announced that the restoration of another historic train engine is complete, just in time to offer holiday rides on the tracks near Yacolt. Luke Johnson, 34, is originally from Longview, and now works on steam trains for a number of different applications. Johnson works a lot with movie makers, building train sets, laying track and running engines for movies like “The Lone Ranger,” “Appaloosa” and “Changeling.” Johnson also works as the chief mechanic for the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad, which has just finished the restoration of “Number 10,” a 1929 steam locomotive that used to haul logs for a mill at Wauna. Six trips are planned this Saturday and Sunday, with each train carrying up to 150 passengers. Get ticket information by going to the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad website, located at