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Troubled Woman

Posted on 12th July 2013 at 16:25

A 47 year-old Longview woman is undergoing mental evaluation and treatment at St. John Medical Center, after she reportedly tried to set herself on fire last night. Longview Police first got involved in the case about 8 pm, when the woman called 911, saying that she was “tired of being accused of killing her mother.” It was noted at the time that the caller had some mental health issues; officers met with the woman’s caregiver, and steps were taken to prevent her from making additional calls like this. About a half-hour later, the caregiver called 911 again, reporting that the woman was in the back yard with gas and a lighter, and had already burned her fingers. Officers and aid personnel responded to the home, and they were safely able to get the woman into custody within about ten minutes. No other injuries were reported.