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Utility Hikes

Posted on 29th October 2010 at 08:08

The Longview City Council took formal action on 2011 utility rates last night, hiking water, sewer and solid waste rates. Starting January first, water rates go up ten percent, sewer rates go up six percent, and solid waste rates go up 2.5 percent. It’s noted that the large water and sewer rate hikes are related to costs connected to the huge capital projects that the city is currently involved. Stormwater utility rates are also going up 30 percent, but the Daily News reports that the Council declined a staff request that would have raised them by 60 percent, refusing to shift the city’s urban forestry program to the stormwater utility. That would have freed up $340,000 in the general fund for other city needs, but Council members say that the 65 cents per month that the shift would cost citizens was just too much. The Council also voted to extend the hike in utility taxes for another two years.