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Vietti Recovered

Posted on 27th August 2010 at 08:17

It’s been confirmed that the human remains found earlier this week on Mt. Hood are those of Anthony Vietti, 25, of Longview, and his climbing companion, Katie Nolan, 29, of Portland. The pair had been missing since December 11th of last year, when they became lost on a effort to climb Mt. Hood. The body of the third member of the party, Luke Gullberg of Des Moines, was recovered on December 12th, but Vietti and Nolan weren’t found. Members of Portland Mountain Rescue reported the discovery of the bodies earlier this week. Members of that group had been working for some time to find and recover the pair; it’s reported that the pair was buried in the snow, but they weren’t in a snow cave or a shelter. It’s also noted that they were still roped together. The cause of death hasn’t been determined, and rescuers were careful to document the scene, taking photographs of the area where the bodies were found, the gear they were wearing, and other aspects of the site. There is some speculation that they might have been involved in a fall. Family members declined to talk with the press, but they did release a statement, expressing deep gratitude to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, the recovery teams and others who were involved in the recovery. They express pride in those involved, and they appreciate the care, concern and compassion that has been shown. A memorial service for Vietti was held on December 21st of last year; there’s been no word yet about any other possible funeral services.