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Vision Statement

Posted on 28th October 2010 at 07:46

The 15-member citizens committee that’s been working on developing a Cowlitz County Vision Statement held its final public workshop last night, taking input on the draft statement. Former County Commissioner Joel Rupley is chairing the committee, and he says that they’re trying to get a “sense of the community,” building a foundation for the revision of the Cowlitz County Comprehensive Plan. Rupley says that the committee has met with and interviewed more than 2,000 Cowlitz County residents in developing the Vision Statement, and he says that people actually had a lot of good things to say about Cowlitz County. He says people like the “proximity” in Cowlitz County, close to both outdoor and urban activities. Cowlitz County residents like the “quality of people” in the area, and also like the affordability of this area. Concerns include the community’s health, educational opportunities, “mill-town attitudes” and over-regulation. Rupley says that they hope to have a final version of the Vision Statement finished in about a month, then the main work will begin on the revision of the Comp Plan. That process is expected to take as long at two years. Full details on the Vision Statement and the Comp Plan revision are available at