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Voter Fraud

Posted on 11th October 2017 at 08:47

A former resident of the Long Beach area is being identified as one of the 74 potentially fraudulent voting cases that were identified during a check of voting records by the Washington Secretary of State. The Chinook Observer reports on the case involving Rudolph DeSwart, 65, who now lives in Salem. DeSwart bought property in Ocean Park back in 2001, and then registered to vote. They say that DeSwart served as president of the Sunset Sands Homeowners Association and was active in the Republican party, before he ran a losing campaign for the Pacific County Commission. DeSwart moved to Salem in 2010, where he also registered to vote. Records show that DeSwart made arrangements to have his Washington ballots mailed to Salem, which he then filled out and returned. In fact, it’s claimed that DeSwart changed addresses in Salem in 2015, and also made arrangements to have those Washington ballots forwarded to the new address. It’s now claimed that DeSwart has voted at least ten times since moving to Oregon, allegedly voting in both states in at least four elections. DeSwart is being ordered to be in Pacific County Superior Court on November 3rd.