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Wal-Mart Theft

Posted on 30th November 2011 at 08:45

Linzi Jordan Scott, 21, of Longview is under arrest, after she was identified as the person who was shoplifting items from the Woodland Wal-Mart store yesterday morning. Store security called for help from Woodland Police, after Scott allegedly tried to run off with a digital camera. Sheriff’s Deputies also responded to the scene. They say Scott took off through the parking lot, but then was stopped a few minutes later at a local convenience store. The camera was recovered, and Scott also showed where she stashed a bag with other items. Woodland Police say that a DVD player and a silver necklace were in the bag, both traced back to the Wal-Mart store. Officers also say that Scott gave them a false name when she was first stopped, so she’s being charged with organized retail theft, first-degree criminal impersonation and obstructing an officer. She’s being held without bail at this time.