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Wallin Loses

Posted on 3rd May 2013 at 16:07

Division 2 of the Washington Court of Appeals dealt a serious setback to Mike Wallin and other opponents of red light cameras in Washington State, denying their appeal of previous court rulings from Cowlitz County Superior Court. Wallin says that he’s “disappointed” by the ruling, but he’s even more concerned about the impact of the ruling on the rights of citizens to petition their local governments. He says this ruling puts control in hands of government, not the people…wallin…The Appeals Court ruled against Wallin and his co-defendants on virtually every point that was raised, including issues that they had prevailed on in front of a Cowlitz County judge. The Appeals Court says that the Cowlitz County judge was correct in ruling that the red light camera issue was in the legislative authority of the city, and was exempt from the initiative process, but they also ruled that the judge erred when he allowed the “advisory vote” portion of the initiative to stand. They say that it was proper to deny the motion for reconsideration, along with other motions raised by Wallin. The Appeals Court also denied Wallin’s request for attorney fees under Washington’s SLAPP statute. Wallin says that they’re now examining the ruling, to decide if they’ll ask for reconsideration, or will go to the State Supreme Court. More importantly, he says, is the need to pass I-517, Tim Eyman’s measure to reform the initiative process in Washington.