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Walmart Helper

Posted on 8th July 2013 at 16:11

Longview Firefighters asked Longview Police to help deal with a “very strange man” who was at the 7th Avenue Walmart store yesterday evening. At about 9:30, a man reportedly called LPD, asking for help in rolling up the fireworks tent that was in the store parking lot. Officers declined the request. Around 10:45 pm, Longview Firefighters responded to a report of a small brush fire near the store; when they responded, the man who had called for assistance with the tent was still there, saying that he’d set the fire for “training purposes. He once again asked for help with the tent; it was noted that he had nothing to do with the facility, but had simply taken it upon himself to disassemble this structure. Longview Police report that the incident was “settled by contact,” with no charges reported at this time.