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Warrants Quashed

Posted on 28th October 2011 at 08:15

Arrest warrants for Ron and Jonathan Reynolds of Toledo are once again being quashed, as the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office says that there’s simply not enough evidence to proceed against the two men. On Wednesday, Lewis County Coroner Warren McLeod issued the warrants, identifying the husband and stepson of Ronda Reynolds as the suspects in her shooting death back in 1998. In a press conference held yesterday in Centralia, Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer announced that he won’t be filing charges, saying that there’s not enough admissible evidence to proceed. He also says that the defense would contend that Reynolds killed herself, and he says there is evidence to suggest that. Yesterday afternoon, McLeod once again quashed the warrants, saying that there’s no purpose in having them if no charges will be brought, due to a lack of evidence. Reynolds’ mother says that she’s disappointed, but she also says that she’s “at peace” with the decision.