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Water Complaints

Posted on 27th September 2013 at 16:30

Ongoing water problems in an area of the Highlands has the Longview City Council looking for some immediate action on the issue. For about 45 minutes at last night’s meeting, several citizens aired their complaints about the water coming into their homes, discussing issues with discoloration, smell, and damage to their homes. Jane Matthews spoke at length with the Council, showing a stained bedspread as part of the evidence of the damage that’s being done. Other citizens talked about the problems they’re having, including issues with rust, damage to appliances, and increasing health problems. Mayor Don Jensen and other Council members say that they’re “awed” by the magnitude of the problems, and say that it simply cannot continue. Public Works officials speculate that the reversal of the city’s water flow is causing built-up sediments to break up inside water supply pipes, which are then carried into homes. The worst problems seem to be in an area of about 27 blocks, going from 16th to 24th, from Nichols to Beech Street. The City Council is directing staff to have some answers at a workshop that’s planned for next Thursday; the city is also trying to keep citizens apprised of their efforts with updates on the City of Longview website.