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Water Supplied

Posted on 16th October 2013 at 16:08

As work continues to try and get an upper hand on the City of Longview’s water quality problems, city officials are now making containers of clean water available to citizens who are affected. Yesterday, Water Program Director Jackie Master announced that city staff is now distributing five-gallon containers of drinking water to areas of the city that are hardest-hit by the problems caused by the scale leaching out of the pipes. The water is taken directly from the Mint Farm Water Treatment Plant; Masters says that continued testing shows the water coming out of that plant is of extremely high quality. The analysis shows that all of the problems are being caused by deposits that have built up over decades of use. The deliveries are being made to residents in the worst area, which is between Baltimore and Nichols, from 15th to 19th Avenues. In addition, the city is making arrangements with the YMCA to allow these residents to use those showers. For residents that weren’t home when the first deliveries were made, information was left with instructions on how to obtain water, and gain access to the YMCA. Staff will also begin contacting others who have registered water quality issues; if you have questions or other issues with Longview city-supplied water, call the Water Division at 442-5700.