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Water Update

Posted on 11th October 2013 at 16:14

The City of Longview is planning to send employees out to homes that are having trouble with their water, while also continuing to flush water mains and study chemical treatments that might improve the water’s chemistry. Mint Farm Water Treatment Plant Project Manager Amy Blain updated the City Council at last night’s meeting, saying that they want to help make sure that home plumbing is also not the problem…waterupdate…Blain says that they’re continuing to flush mains, especially in the problem areas of the city, and are continuing tests to see if softening agents or phosphate infusions could possibly help. Council members say that they appreciate the work that’s being done, but they also say that people who are continuing to have problems need immediate help. City Manager Bob Gregory says that they will accelerate efforts to help those who are having the worst problems. When asked if this was something that wasn’t anticipated with the startup of the new plant, Blain responded that they did expect some issues, but they didn’t think it would be this bad or would last this long. Blain says the efforts will continue, with another update planned at the Council meeting on the 24th. Citizens who continue to have problems can contact the City of Longview, or go to the Mint Farm Groundwater Project link on the city’s website.