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Water Update

Posted on 24th January 2014 at 16:54

According to staff at the Mint Farm Water Treatment Plant, the city’s water quality is steadily improving, with the number of complaints continuing to dwindle, and lab tests showing that the problem areas are stabilizing. Mint Farm Project Manager Amy Blain made another update to the Longview City Council last night, reporting that they’re now down to five or six customer complaints each week. Water rate reductions have been approved for 355 customers, and she says that none of the customers in the problem area have gone to the Y for showers within the past three weeks. Blain says that their testing shows improved water quality and chlorine residuals in the new mains that have been installed, but there will continue to be some inconsistency until the old main is completely abandoned. Tests for silica removal to reduce water spotting are continuing, and a full report on possible options will be presented at a City Council workshop scheduled for February 20th.