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Weather Alert

Posted on 30th December 2011 at 09:34

As the heavy rains continue, so the weather alerts around the area. Yesterday morning, PacificCorp sent out a notice, reporting that they were increasing the flow through Merwin Dam from 5,000 cubic feet per second to 16,500 cubic feet per second. Late last night, the Department of Ecology alerted Cowlitz County officials that they expected the Winlock Sewage System to overflow into Olequa Creek at some point during the night, flowing into the Cowlitz River. They did say that no significant impacts were expected, as any overflow would be diluted by the water flowing down the creek and the river. The Weather Service is continuing a flood watch for the Coast Range and northwest Oregon, reporting that three to four inches of rain has fallen out of this system so far, and another inch or so is expected. The Grays River in Wahkiakum County and the Nehalem River in Columbia County are among those being watched closely. The Cowlitz in Kelso is expected to rise above the “action stage” of 18 feet late tomorrow night, but is then expected to drop quickly after that. Snow levels are expected to drop to a thousand feet by tonight, so there’s also a Winter Storm Warning up for the Cascades. Rain is expected to switch to snow by this afternoon, with heavy snow and gusty winds possible at the pass levels.