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Weather Change

Posted on 26th December 2011 at 09:10

After most of this month has been cold and dry, we’re going to get a change in the weather as we head into the new year. The National Weather Service says that we’ll see a series of “vigorous” weather systems over this week, as the jet stream shifts its track to directly over the Pacific Northwest. The first of the frontal systems is expected tomorrow morning, and is expected to be the weakest of the group. Snow levels will drop to three thousand feet, with snow falling at the pass levels. Systems expected tomorrow night and Wednesday night are expected to be wetter and more windy, with the possibility of some localized flooding, mostly in areas that usually flood. Forecasters say that several of their models show that a “deep” low pressure system could come through on Friday, but they’re still now sure about this, and will have to wait some time before they’re sure about what’s coming late in the week. They are advising everyone to monitor weather forecasts through the next few days. As far as yesterday’s system is concerned, there were no major impacts; peak wind gusts were in the 20’s, with no local power outages reported.