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Weather Death

Posted on 10th December 2013 at 16:59

A state investigation is getting under way after an autopsy determined that Norma Jeanette Sheldon, 88, of Longview died from exposure to the extreme cold, found dead late last week in a courtyard at the Canterbury Garden Memory Care facility on 3rd Avenue. Her husband of 68 years, Don Sheldon, says that this is difficult news to accept. It’s reported that Sheldon was a long-time resident of the facility, having been diagnosed with dementia several years ago. During her time at Canterbury Gardens, Sheldon had a history of wandering around the facility, even suffering injuries during those incidents. Last Thursday night, she apparently got out into the open courtyard of the facility, and was not able to get back inside. The Cowlitz County Coroner says that an autopsy shows that Sheldon had no injuries, and died from the exposure to the cold. When her body was discovered Friday morning, the temperature was 28 degrees. There’s been only this statement from the Koelsch Senior Communities at this time: “We are very, very sorry that this tragedy occurred, and our hearts go out to her family. They are very much in our hearts and prayers at this time.” Administrators at the facility say that they have trained nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day, so they’re not sure exactly how this happened.