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Welding Lab Closed

Posted on 21st November 2017 at 08:37

Lower Columbia College now reports that the Welding Lab will stay closed for the entire fall quarter, as air quality in the facility continues to be substandard. On the 8th, the college announced that air quality tests showed that air in the lab did not meet standards set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Yesterday, they announced that a second round of tests showed results that were similar to the first round. College officials say that the air quality levels are well below the legal limit, but they plan to leave the lab closed, for the safety of students and staff. Over the quarter break, a professional cleaning company will come in to clean the lab, and it should re-open for winter quarter. The college is working to make sure that current students are not affected by the closure, working with them to ensure that grades, financial aid and program completion rates are up-to-date. Call 360-442-2273 if you need more information.