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Weyco Fire

Posted on 26th July 2013 at 16:09

It doesn’t appear that any serious damage was done when a fire was reported yesterday afternoon in a warehouse at the Weyerhaeuser millsite in Longview. Around 1:15 yesterday afternoon, Longview Fire crews were called to the warehouse, which also contains the extruder department. Firefighters arrived and found a small fire on the second floor of the building, apparently contained in a restroom ceiling fan. That fire spread into the ceiling space, burning above the bathroom and below a third-floor office. The firefighters used pike poles to open up the ceiling, and then were able to get the fire out, using only a minimal amount of water. They say that helped keep damage to a minor amount. The scene was then turned over to Weyco employees, who did some additional overhaul, and maintained a fire watch, to make sure the fire didn’t re-kindle.