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Weyco Land Restrictions

Posted on 23rd April 2014 at 15:58

If you’re planning to try and get onto Weyerhaeuser-owned land in the local for fishing, hunting or other outdoor opportunities, you’d better be ready to pay for that privilege, as the timber company announces an expansion of their permit-only access program. The company’s recreational access hotline has been changed to reflect the new program, which will go into effect on August 1st. Permits for access into the Saint Helens Tree Farm east of Longview will be sold for $150 apiece, which will cover the permit buyer, their legally-married spouse, children and grandchildren age 18 and younger. The permits will be good from August 1st of this year through January 31st of next year. There will also be a bidding process for up to twelve areas that will be leased, granting exclusive recreational use of those areas. Permits will not be required to access most corridors to state-owned lands and fisheries, and free access will be maintained to certain areas. Full details on the program are to be put up on the Weyerhaeuser Recreation website in late May. This is similar to a fee program that was started last year in Lewis County. The permit program is also being expanded to cover Weyerhaeuser-owned land near Aberdeen and Raymond. Company officials say that the permit program has been received well, with reductions in the trash and vandalism; they also say that this is similar to programs that have been in place in the southeastern United States for several years.