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Weyco Spill–

Posted on 25th May 2010 at 07:49

An investigation is under way after a log stacker crashed into a rail tank car yesterday morning at Weyerhaeuser’s new sawmill, causing a large spill of hydrogen peroxide. Company officials say that the incident happened at about 9 am; the rail car was moving toward the Norpac plant at a low speed, when it was hit by the stacker, causing a rupture. The tank car carried about 22 thousand gallons of peroxide, and it’s estimated that about two thirds of that material was spilled. Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue responded to the scene, along with the Department of Ecology and the EPA. Fire and mill crews sprayed water on the peroxide to dilute it, and the diluted material was recovered for disposal. The spill was completely contained on the mill site, though they did detour traffic on Industrial Way for a short time, to avoid a steam cloud that was generated during the incident. The only injury reported was to a rail worker who jumped from the moving car just before the collision. His injury was reported to be minor. Weyerhaeuser will conduct the investigation into the collision.