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Willow Grove Collision

Posted on 22nd March 2018 at 08:56

No injuries were reported yesterday morning on the Columbia River near Willow Grove, after a barge being towed by a tugboat ran over a fishing boat. Coast Guard officials confirm that the collision happened around 7:30 yesterday morning, on the river near the Willow Grove Boat Launch. It’s noted that it was very foggy on the river at the time of the crash, with zero visibility. It’s believed that the barge hit the boat, causing it to capsize. Another fisherman acted as Good Samaritan, pulling both people out of the water and taking them to shore. The people on the boat say that they weren’t paying close attention to their location in the fog, and they weren’t aware that they had drifted into the shipping channel. The tug operator also says that he didn’t see the boat in the fog, and was unaware of the collision until he was contacted by authorities. The Coast Guard is continuing to investigate the crash, and will determine if any enforcement action is required.