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Winlock Theft Arrest

Posted on 29th September 2017 at 08:44

Evan Kranz, 31, of Winlock is in the Lewis County Jail on burglary charges, after he allegedly admitted that he’s been breaking into the home of a sick neighbor, stealing things while the man was away on medical appointments. The Centralia Chronicle reports on the arrest of Kranz, which came after he allegedly tried to cash a check that wasn’t his at a store in Vader. It’s reported that Kranz spent some 45 minutes in the store, trying to convince the clerk to cash the check. The store’s owner followed up, going to the victim’s home, and finding that the back door had been kicked in. When interviewed, Kranz reportedly admitted to breaking into the house at least 20 times since June, when the ill neighbor was admitted into a nursing home. Along with the checks, Kranz told investigators that he stole an air compressor, horseshoes, DVDs and other items. He reportedly returned a number of these stolen items. Kranz’ next court hearing is currently scheduled for Thursday, October 5th.