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Woodland Car Chase

Posted on 28th January 2014 at 17:05

Brenten Kenneth Hoesch, 28, of Ridgefield is in the Cowlitz County Jail after a high-speed car chase that went along the Lewis River Highway late last night. Sheriff’s Deputies say this got started, when a car was seen speeding in the area of Niemi Road. It’s reported that the driver was doing about 60 miles an hour, driving eastbound in the westbound lanes. Speeds got up to 90 miles an hour as the chase continued to the east, with the suspect blowing at least one stop sign. The suspect eventually turned onto the 1000 line, eventually crashing the car on a skid road. Hoesch was arrested at gunpoint as he tried to bail out of the car. He’s now charged with felony eluding, driving while suspended, possession of drugs, obstructing an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s also being served with a no-bail Department of Corrections warrant for escape from community custody. Deputies are also checking the route of the pursuit, looking for drugs and other items that may have been thrown from the car.