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Woodland Farm Fire

Posted on 28th April 2016 at 09:13

They’re still trying to figure out exactly what caused yesterday morning’s huge fire at Adeline Farms near Woodland, a blaze that killed eleven animals and did more than $300,000in damage. The fire was reported around 1 am yesterday; farm owner Jenny Stanton-Jones says that she woke up and found the farm’s animal pavilion and a storage shed were ablaze. Johnson’s pickup exploded in the fire, while a pig, seven piglets and three goats were killed. Fire crews responded to the property in the 3900 block of Lewis River Road within minutes, and they were able to keep the fire from spreading into a historic barn on the property. It’s reported that the fire started next to a wall where lumber had been stacked, and there’s some speculation that faulty wiring may have been a contributing factor. The farm’s owners say that only a portion of the loss is covered by insurance; it’s reported that a GoFundMe account is being set up to try and help raise money to cover other losses.