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Wrongful Conviction

Posted on 2nd August 2013 at 16:11

Alan Northrop, 49, of Woodland spent 17 years in prison for a rape that he didn’t commit, and he now plans to seek restitution for that lost time. The Vancouver Columbian reports that Northrop plans to file a claim in Clark County Superior Court, under provisions of a law that he lobbied hard to get passed. House Bill 1341 was signed into law in the last session of the legislature; under that law, Northrop is eligible to receive 50 thousand dollars for each year that he was wrongfully held, and his child support debt will be paid off. His children would also be eligible for free tuition at state universities until they’re 26 years of age. In 1993, Northrop was accused and convicted of attacking a housekeeper at a home in La Center, but DNA evidence later showed that he was not the suspect. His conviction was vacated in 2010, and he’s been working on this restitution bill since his release.